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Here are our Award Winning products just for you!

In this fast paced world, where so many things keep us occupied, answering your phone may become difficult at times. Auto Reply is a service just for those moments. Whenever you become too busy to answer a call for example while driving or in a meeting etc., you can have a selected audio message played to the caller right away, without receiving the call. From available messages on the list to different custom made messages in your own voice for different people, you can make your own choice. Stay in touch at all times.


This is a service on the network that helps customers request to connect their family and friends anytime their receiver is not available. The service helps the customers monitor their receiver, auto redial the phone and connect the caller with the receiver with the caller’s phone number when the line is available. This serves as the network auto redial.


We provide advance call services where people can make calls from the comfort of their homes whenever their airtime runs out. This platform allows mobile users to make emergency calls at any time of the day using Zero balance on his phone. The bill will be on the customer’s next recharge. This solution enables people who are stranded to have a way out under dire situations.


This solution provides subscriber with short video clip contents, video highlight of football matches, comedy, music and other interesting video categories via short messaging service platform.


Our multimedia Message Service comprises of Audio Content, Video content, Movie, Music, Video Ringtones


We provide IVR service in which subscribers get to receive daily voice content providing them with relevant information on different interests. We have different services on this such as sports news. Subscribers call in to get updated news alert.


Direct Data Service / Airtime is a service that enables customers to request for Airtime Top up/ Data subscription with direct debit from the customers bank account. This service will enable all customers renew data subscription and top up their mobile phones from their bank accounts with ease.

This service brings a higher level of convenience to customers as it is designed to deliver with speed and simplicity. With this service, the stress of stepping out of your house to buy an airtime is eliminated as airtime and data will be topped up from your mobile phone in the comfort of your house.


Our marketing promotions solutions enables organisations generate traffic thereby increasing the monetisation of their subscriber base and reinvigorate revenue growth.

We have unique marketing promotions strategies which include:
OUT BOUND CALLS / CALL BROADCAST - This is a solution which enables organisations to proactively and automatically engage customers through automated voice calls, E.g. Outbound IVR Campaigns.

This service calls customers in large number informing them on the services they have to offer providing the customers detailed information about goods and services available via automated Voice Calls.

We also manage each Promotion from start to finish, dedicating specialised resources to areas as diverse as connectivity, campaign management, finance and reporting.

SMS BROADCAST - Our SMS broadcast solution provides a means whereby a group or organisation can reach out to a large number of people disseminating necessary information and marketing promotions to them via SMS.


Our Mobile Counselling Service is a platform designed for customers to call in for guidance and counselling on different issues like marriage, relationship, business, education, career, medicine and health and the various realities of life. This service is available for people to open up to whatever challenges they might be having without getting to know whom they are speaking with and yet still get the best of advices without been criticised.

The counselling service is based on marriage and relationship, business and career, medicals and life reality.

Our commitment is to deliver a high quality; technology-based counselling that provides relief, comfort and advice to millions of people.


FACEBOOK VOICE SERVICE - Our Facebook Voice service enables people connect to their family and friends on Facebook in their own voice, even without internet access. With this service, you can post voice messages on facebook from your phone even without internet access.

TWITTER VOICE SERVICE - With Glo Twitter Voice you can connect with friends and followers on twitter using your voice. It gives you the power to say more than what 140 characters can and it also helps add real emotions to your tweets. This service enables subscribers to tweet voice messages to their friends and followers on twitter. This service makes twitting more fun. People connect to Twitter even without internet access.


Entertain your callers with engaging ring back tones. These are some of our ringback tones:
Corporate Ring Back Tune RBT - With this solution, a group of subscribers such as companies get specialised ring back tones which their callers would hear whenever they call their phones. This is a very good medium for the organisations to advertise their products and services by creating awareness on their products to their callers.

Special Occassion Ring Back tones - The ring back tone is set depending on the occasion just like during the christmas season.

Name Ring Back Tone - Name Ring Back Tone, is a personalised Ring Tone service that enables you to personalise your caller tone with your own name.

Caller/ Group based Ring Back Tone - This is a ring back tone service in whereby Different callers are played different ring back tones.


This is a service on the network that delivers high quality and engaging digital contents to subscribers, ranging from Entertainment to Education and a whole lot more.

EDU TIPS This solution provides subscribers with video contents on educational news, admission and scholarship alerts, exam tips etc and how to be successful in academics.

MONEY TIPS This solution provides subscribers with video contents on how to be prudent in spending, how to save, how to make money and manage financial resources and achieve long term financial plans.

E-XTRA This solution provides subscribers with video contents on entertainment, updates on hottest celebrity gist targeted towards movies, music, and fashion lovers.


With this IVR Solution of ours, our customers get the right access to information by strategically automating common customers’ interaction. With this mobile solution, there is always a response for your customers whenever they call.

When IVR interactions require urgent assistance to resolve a more complex issue, our IVR solutions seamlessly route the customer to the appropriate agent, providing a step by step real-time solution to the customer. This IVR service empowers agents with useful information and reduces customer frustration.

These are some of the cases where we employ the IVR solution.
HOTEL SOLUTIONS - We provide Interactive Voice Response Booking which enables Customers Book Hotel Rooms, Event Halls, Conference Halls, Recreational centres and other services. Once a customer places a call to our IVR platform, the customer’s call is processed and the request automatically. Our IVR hotel solution allows organisation handle high Volume Calls. It also improves organisational image.

EDUCATIONAL SOLUTIONS - With the increasing need for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in the educational sector to maintain proper administration, we provide IVR solutions for educational institutions.

Our educational IVR solution provides answers to a good percentage of questions by way of an automated system and pre-recorded voice messages.

With our IVR solution, information on details of courses offered, Course registration, Student profile, Exam schedule and details, results, in campus are easily disseminated. Notices, announcement and enquiries can easily be handled by using an IVR system in the campus. Also, with this solution current and future events and happenings in the educational sector are passed across to students with ease.


Our SMS services comprises of informative contents and Tips in different aspects of life. Users subscribe to any of our SMS services to receive content including News Education Tips, Entertainment News, Sports News, Money Tips, Sms Alert, Job tips, Safety tips, Sms alert, e.t.c

These are some of our SMS Services:

MONEY TIPS - This SMS service provides tips on how to make money, how to save money and how to spend Money Wisely. It also provides tips on how to stay financially debt free as running into debts continuously will only frustrate ones effort in making savings grow. It gives tips on having good retirement savings.

This service generally gives subscribers a financial guide to wealth management.The service would assist subscribers in making the best financial decisions.

JOB TIPS - There are lots of graduates out there who are in search of one job or another. There are also numerous people who do not have job satisfaction in their present place of work and might require a job change. This Job Tips sms service provide subscribers the guide they need to set them on the right pace and provide them with useful tips to make them employable in order to get the best of jobs. This service goes a long way in reducing the rate of unemployment in the society.

Job Tip content includes; Interview tips, tips on how to prepare a good resume and cover letter, tips on how to get the right job, and tips on how to get a better job, details of available job openings at the moment.

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS SERVICE - Entertainment News service provides subscribers on entertainment gists, updates on release of New Musical Albums/Tracks, Fashion shows, events. It also provides subscribers information about Models, top rated leading Movie Stars and Music Artiste. This Service generally provides subscribers with trendy entertainment gist.

EDUCATIONAL TIPS - This service provides subscribers with information in the educational sector. This content includes news on admission into Nigerian and foreign universities, available scholarships and tips on how to pass an examination. It also informs subscribers on available job vacancies for interns and encouragement tips to study.

SAFETY TIPS - This is a short message service which provides subscribers with tips on how to maintain safety everywhere, be it at home, at work or on the road and at all times in order to reduce accidents. This service goes a long way in generally making people safety conscious and less prone to accidents.

HEALTH TIPS - This service provides subscribers daily information on how to maintain a healthy living. It is a well known saying that health is wealth. This service helps subscribers by giving them regular and necessary tips to stay healthy in order to be strong and free from illness. The health Tips contents include: Healthy feeding, Diet and weight loss tips, how to live a healthy lifestyle and prevent illness and tips on how to keep fit.

BUSINESS TIPS - This service will provide tips on how to startup a business, tips on how to maintain a successful business. It will provide the subscribers with tips on how to succeed generally in business.

SPORTS NEWS - This is a service in which sports lovers get to receive voice messages containing relevant information on sports. It includes all news concerning sports and latest updates on happenings with sport stars all around the world. Subscribers will also listen to the profile of a selected sport star of the week on the network. Subscribers get to listen to sports news update from around the world on their phones anywhere and at any time.

MOBILE SCHOOL SOLUTION - Mobile School is an interactive Educational SMS platform. This service provides daily real time past questions and tests which students attend and also provides SMS alerts on educational news, scholarship alert and learning tip.
Instead of the traditional mode of learning in the class rooms, with this solution, students can now learn on the go wherever they are at any time of the day as long as they have their mobile phone within reach.
This solution enhances quality studying amongst our younger generation since through this solution; they will have access to educational information at all times.

HAUSA NEWS - This service provides people from the northern part of the country with relevant news update in their indigenous language. The subscribers get updates on happenings in the society on their phone in Hausa language.

YORUBA NEWS - This service provides subscribers the opportunity to have relevant and up to date information in Yoruba Language.



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